Choose Moissanite For Your Engagement Ring

Choose Moissanite For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings - a very special jewelry piece in woman’s life. Almost every girl love and wish to have a wonderful engagement ring and preserves it for her lifetime. When it comes to the engagement ring, diamond is the first option clicks in mind. Diamonds are forever and therefore preferred to be used as a center stone for the precious ring. It is very expensive; hence many individuals are not capable of buying diamond for their beloved.

Moissanite composed of silicon carbide is one of the finest alternatives to diamond as this looks very similar to diamond and cannot be distinguished with your naked eyes. To distinguish it from diamond, even a gemologist need to use special tactics and tools. Moreover, it is less expensive in comparison to the diamonds. It comes in just a fraction of the price of the diamond. So, you can easily afford and make your beloved dazzle with a beautiful engagement ring with moissanite as center diamond.

Excellent features of moissanite make it feasible and appropriate for jewelry that is much similar to diamonds. Moissanite is more fiery and brilliant than diamond. The Moissanite is crafted without any cloudiness and inclusions so you are getting excellent gemstone for your valuable ring.

We distinguish and grade the diamonds based on their perfection and color. You need not have to worry such things while buying Moissanite, the more neutral it appearance. Some green and yellow hues are visible when you observe under special lighting effects. It reflects more fire than diamond. The sparkle, shine and the prismatic qualities of moissanite engagement ring will surely make people head turned.