Characteristic of a CZ and a Diamond

Women are therefore very smart enough to judge between fake diamond and an original diamond .

CZ’s are favorite

Cz’s are one of the most popular and well-known among women. CZ’s are also one of the best alternatives in the world. CZ’s are artificial diamonds that resembles like a man-made product developed in laboratories. They are observed in Grades A with the help of AAAAA (5 A’s for 5 Grades) which are complicated and puzzling. When you get an idea that you are getting a Grade A CZ then you admire to achieve this superb category product. But however, grade A is the lowest grade which is most horrible and simple to blame as a “Fake” Diamond. On the other side Grade AAAAA is the best which appeal exceptional and last for longer duration.


Many of the matters are such that can be considered as good to derive the comparison between Cubic Zirconia (Zirconian, Zirconium, also being recalled by different names by people) from a Real Diamond.

CZ’s are Colorful

CZ’s can be very easily identified by jewelers from a Real Diamond by simply observing the stone within just about 2 seconds. It is due to the cause of having various flashes of color. CZ’s are less White Flashes of light (Brilliance) and even more “Colored” Flashes of Light (Fire) compared to a Diamond. This can be the best way to observe the questionable diamond when you observe it. One can even look tons of rainbow colors emerging out of the stone. In case if the stone looks too colorful then it is recognized as a CZ. CZ’s have the tendency of greater dispersion of prismatic light.

CZ’s are Colorless

Generally, Cubic Zirconia is Pure White.  The tone of their body is negated with any color or off-white as majority of Diamonds. Differences of CZ are done with the color rating “D” on the Diamond Color Grading Chart. Majority of the diamonds found in the market have a Near Colorless rating within the G-H-I-J range. However, colorless diamonds are very rare whereas a D Colorless Diamond which is best is not possible to establish.

CZ’s are specially cut

Cz’s are usually cut as well as polished in a very special way compared to that of a Diamond to exploit the Brilliance and Fire that a CZ contributes.

Cz’s are Flawless

It’s very big evidence. In case if you utilize 10x Jeweler’s Loupe then you must not get to observe any flaws in a CZ. They are accurately clean as well as also very accurate. Though diamonds have flaws but CZ’s do not have. At the time when you are louping it, you need to observe the facets of a CZ compared to a Diamond. The edges of cuts where the facets assemble will fluctuate. On a CZ the edges are very smooth and rounded off. On a Diamond, they will nearly be like knife-edge, sharp, clean and very crisp.

CZ Hardness

CZ’s are very hard compared to that of Gemstones. On the MOHS Scale of Hardness, a CZ is being graded 8.5 which are considered to be best and durable. However, Diamonds are rated 10 out of 10.


The easiest way to examine a CZ from a Diamond is to give to a jeweler and make them Diamond Test it. A Diamond Tester will examine the hardness of the stone and estimate either it is a Diamond or not. Anything which is fanatic such as “honking goose noise” is not considered as a Diamond. It won’t determine whether it is Synthetic, CZ, Moissanite or something else but it will instantly declare it’s not a Diamond.

CZ’s are Cheap

CZ’s are very cheap compared to the cost of Diamonds. Due to its low cost, CZ’s are usually arranged in fake mountings such as Gold-Plated Base-Metal Jewelry. Cz’s are generally found in Sterling Silver Mountings due to low price of Silver. However, it is not possible to find a 14kt Gold Mounting with Diamonds and a CZ being a center stone.

Cubic Zirconia’s are Breakable

Cubic zirconia’s are very chip and therefore easily breakable. They become dull from formal wear and tear within couple of months making it look scratches and chips that create more chances of its fakeness.

CZ’s are unable to acquire Heat

CZ’s do not have the capability of accepting heat compared to Diamonds which suggests that CZ rings are very tough to form into a size. Therefore, they can’t absorb the similar heat which the jeweler’s use it into sizing of the Gold Rings. Locating a Jewelers torch to a CZ stone will burn it destroying the stone. In case if you do not inform the Jeweler sizing your ring if it is a CZ stone then very soon they will put the fire to it concluding with “SNAP” “CRACK” ”POP”.

Big Carat Weights

Another astonishing one is that CZ’s are normally found in large Carat Sizes. (Extra Large). You may even find Cubic Zirconium in 5, 6, 7, 8 carats and larger. It really makes a superb appearance which is a size of quarter as huge evidence.

Purpose to buy a CZ

The purpose of buying CZ ring is due to the feature of its big appeal and a low price. CZ’s are safe and secure if you have the chances of getting your jewelry stolen. They are even better good if you are going on tour or vacation where you do not afford to wear your “real” jewelry. Also if you are looking for something bright and dazzling then this could be a better option to purchase.