Celebrate Boss Birthday In Office

Birthdays are always special and when it comes to your boss, it is sensitive too.

Acknowledging your Boss birthday and celebrating at the office is a good way to have a light time while working. Nevertheless, every boss is different from other. Some do not like to celebrate the big day in huge approach and some do not mind celebrating with their employees. Hence, it is up to you to understand that taste and choice of your boss.

If your boss is cool and you want to celebrate his or her special day, then plan accordingly as it is not anybody birthday.

Welcome with warm wishes - Wishing your boss with warm wishes as he enters the office is a good way to begin. You can keep some notes with birthday wishes and bouquet of his/her favourite flowers in his/her cabin. A good start can make the whole day blossoming.

Plan a surprise - If your boss is friendly, you can plan a surprise for him. Decorate the office; a little rearrangement of the Office Furniture with party bash is no harm. Arrange the cakes, candles and other things in advance to make your boss notice all the arrangements as the first thing when he enters the space.

Arrange a lunch - Plan for a collective lunch party in his/her favourite restaurant with all the employees. You can gift him a bottle of champagne or expensive watch or something else he likes as a birthday gift.

Get the office involved - You might be having n number of employees in the office with different work responsibilities with deadlines. Let everyone participate in the preparation and celebration for making the office ambiance light and contented. Discuss with everyone, have a meeting about the day and let him or her make his or her work plans accordingly so that everyone can enjoy the day.

Do not disturb whole work - Making plans for the celebration is good, but your boss will only like it when your work is not affected. Do not waste much time or affect your work, as any boss might not like this.