Cavities Myths & Facts

Cavities Myths & Facts

We often come across so many sayings too much of bottled stuff causes cavities, eating sugar, brushing 1 min etc. Always not everything is true! Whitchurch Dentist share in all about cavities and help you differentiate between Myths and Facts. Read list mentioned below and know how cavities are born, prevented, and treated.

A most common myth, which is almost a fact Sugar, is the root cause of cavities. The bacteria present in mouth sources cavities. There is the acid produced in when we consume carbohydrates.

Sugar, Rice, Breads, and Potatoes are high in carbs when consumed frequently give birth to cavities in mouth.

Keynote the exposure of your teeth to carbs results in cavities than the amount of carbs. For example, sipping sugar-based drinks all day / eating ample of carbs for lunch, the length of time your teeth are, exposed to carbs causes decayed teeth.

We would be aware when we have a cavity, the biggest myth! Tooth decay when at peak level causes pain a mild decayed tooth will never show symptoms. In order to be away from cavity we must do a regular dental check up. If a cavity grows below the enamel, decay becomes prevalent in tooth.

Tooth decay is result of acidic foods like – Lemons / Soft drinks, well acid based food such as fruit juice, citrus, soft drink, soda DO NOT cause CAVITY but they put your ENAMEL in DANGER.

Enamel is protective covering to your tooth which, weakens when you consume too much of acids. On loosing the enamel, covering your tooth becomes more prone to decay as the dentin at bottom is exposed.

Decaying stops after treatment. The decay can come in other areas of tooth but in that, specific area it diminishes. This happens; when you fill in the cavities and maintain proper dental hygiene of regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing there will be no decay in that particular spot.

Note there are times when the fillings begin to fade, break down due to which a bacterium remains unclean, and decay are born again.

Placing an Aspirin right beside the tooth will relieve a toothache. Even if you are, offered an aspirin for free or pain is just beyond control NEVER KEEP ASPIRIN NEXT TO TOOTH. Reason acid is present inside aspirin that will completely burn out your gum tissues and cause abscess. It is better to swallow an aspirin.

The ultimate way is to prevent and be cautious. Simple day to day, activities like brushing twice a day, flossing prior brushing and rinsing twice will help in combating bacteria and keep cavities away.

Dentists in UK, say cleaning teeth daily aptly will keep your teeth cavity free.