Buying The Perfect Diamond Anniversary Ring

Wedding anniversaries are always special and should be celebrated with love and gifts. What would be a better option than gifting your spouse with a diamond anniversary ring? Nowadays, varieties of rings are available to choose from.

Diamond rings are a popular gift to mark the special wedding anniversaries and other special events for married couples. Anniversary rings come are available in a wide range of designs, ranging from classic white gold to modern platinum diamond rings One of the most usually seen designs is called as eternity ring. It symbolizes a never ending circle with small stones running across its face or around the entire ring.

You can celebrate your silver jubilee or golden jubilee anniversary with diamond rings. The birth of a child is often marked with a eternity style ring, sapphire blur or emerald for son and ruby or pink sapphire for a daughter.

A diamond anniversary ring generally has one large diamond surrounded by two smaller diamonds sidewise. This applies for a three stone design . However for five stone diamond anniversary ring it consists of five diamonds of smaller size and the entire ring symbolizes immortal love. Diamond anniversary rings and diamond eternity rings are very similar in this regards.

Diamond anniversary rings are generally worn alongside the original engagement ring and wedding bands. Usually couples opt for a ring which complements the existing wedding rings. Wedding band sits at the base of the finger, engagement ring in the middle and anniversary ring above both the rings.
It depends on an individual’s preference and how many rings she would prefer wearing. You can also wear eternity ring on the other hand or finger.

To preserve their original diamond ring as an heirloom, some couples decide to replace their diamond engagement ring with a new diamond anniversary ring. Some of them also replace the ring if their taste in jewelry changes with time and they want a new trendy ring. The size of the ring is not considered since it can be adjusted easily.

To keep your rings in top conditions, you need to take care of your jewelry and take it to a renowned jeweler once a year. A jeweler checks for the settings of the diamond jewelry and a timely clean up and check up of diamond rings can help in preventing the loss of stone.

You can check for wide variety of elegant diamond rings and diamond eternity rings online. If you cannot find one, you can anytime create your own designs. At the same time you can engrave the ring with some special meaningful words. You can check for a list of engraving options or create something on your own. Anything special to you will always be cherished by your partner.