Black and white office range for offices

In the present era of latest technologies and innovation, distinct sorts of advanced tools and equipment are used in companies. Coloured printers are common in businesses, but the monochrome or black and white printers are having their own benefits. These can help you in your business in several ways. The advancement in technology has made the black and white printers more versatile and effective. You can buy Toshiba e-STUDIO385s that offers scan, print, copy and fax functionality all-in-one for covering your entire needs. These are suitable for small to medium sized offices to make their work streamlined.

Check out some of the stunning benefits of black and white printers for offices.


In offices, when you need any of your documents printed urgently or in bulk, monochrome printers are the best. These have faster speed and outputs efficient results wonderfully and smoothly. You can accomplish your high volume work in less time effortlessly.


The attracting and appealing prints are no more away from your reach. You can make your prints visually appealing with the black and white office range. With consistent quality and finishing alternative offered by these products can take your projects to the next level and make you leave lasting impression on your clients and customers.


For new setup and start-ups, sometimes the finances are limited. In such conditions, the Toshiba e-STUDIO556SE/656SE/756SE/856SE is the right choice for them. With such valuable and reasonable all-in-one office range, you can handle your large volume print jobs fast and resourcefully. The latest models encompass power saving mode that helps in saving power as well to cut on your electric bills.

High-quality productivity and performance

Buying the Toshiba e-STUDIO models would be very beneficial for your office as receive premium performance and productivity. It provides access to SharePoint, Google Docs, and other web application platforms. This merges new performance, contentment, and consistency that can groom your business performance.

Decreases your printing cost

The first-class multifunctional printers also lessen your printing cost and cover less space making your premises clean and sophisticated. You need a small area for keeping it and are very easy to use.

So, grow your business with cost-efficient and reliable all-inclusive multifunctional black and white office range.