Bad habits causing plaque on teeth

Bad habits causing plaque on teeth

Since our childhood we are, trained in to fight this enemy to our teeth called plaque. Regular brushing, flossing is one proven way to keep plaque away. Luton Dentist, say you can knock plaque off by putting a stop to below mentioned bad habits that result in causing plaque on teeth.

First, let us know about tooth plaque, it is a sticky blend produced by bacteria and the substances secreted by them. Bacteria emit chemical named Mucopolysaccharide, which turns into a thin film like sheet known as biofilm. If you were watchful, then you would notice a thin slimy sheet formed inside a fish tank, which is similar to biofilm and is easy to clean with washcloth. If the film remains unnoticed and left, alone it becomes harmful.

Similarly, the bacteria present discharges acids that cause severe damage to the tooth enamel. Frequent acidic assaults on enamel would make holes in teeth called cavity. If plaque left untreated it will pile up, further harden, give birth to calculus, and then form tartar.

Tartar is high-level plaque that needs dental care, this if untreated may cause gum disease like gingivitis. It is vital to keep away from bad habits, especially, which influence our dental health.

Few common bad habits that need our attention:

Irregular brushing: You may be happy that no one is aware about you skipping brushing. Get alarmed your teeth are and plaque just awaits such opportunity. Each day you do the same, in no time layers of plaque will deposit causing tooth decay. The key is to brush twice a day, using a soft brush and cover all areas of your mouth.

Skip flossing: Unfortunately, toothbrush fails to reach places between the teeth and plaque dwells there. The only way to kick out plaque is to use a dental floss prior brushing twice a day. Alternatively, those who feel discomfort when flossing or dislike it can use products designed by ADA for cleaning between teeth’s. Note to take dentist approval prior purchase.

Avoiding Mouth Rinse: We often neglect rinsing our mouth and fall prey to problems like bad breath, gum disease gingivitis and plaque debris. Your teeth cleaning twice a day must consist of flossing, brushing and rinsing. An antibacterial mouthwash is good to use. Avoid too much minty / alcohol based mouthwashes.

Visiting Dentist rarely: Even if you have a best dental hygiene, it is must to visit a dentist for regular oral checkup. Minimum of two cleanings a year so that you good oral health is maintained.

Sweet Tooth: Consuming too many sweets or high sugar not only causes teeth problems but also root cause of a severe disease like diabetes. All the candy treats / soft drinks and sugar bite offs are the worst food to your teeth.

These above listed faulty habits are under our control, we can take due care and protect our teeth from plaque and other dental diseases.