Aquamarine Engagement Ring – Long-lasting forever

Have you ever realized an aquamarine either too soft or suitable as an engagement ring?

Certainly aquamarine is not perfectly a durable gemstone for an everyday wear whether it is being set low within a ring or set in bezel making it more satisfactory. Therefore, before selecting aquamarine engagement ring you must check out the lifestyle of your fiancée, the kind of schedule she maintains whether it will be an everyday wear or else she later on can wear a plain band on aqua at time of not working or sports?

In case if it the setting is done in prongs considering the persons lifestyle as though the diamond can also be damaged while wearing it. Scratches on aqua if caused can be repolished but with the loss of reduction in weight. Nevertheless, you then require spending on polishing and resetting the gemstone again by taking proper instructions and advice from your nearby jeweler or through online help. So therefore choose brilliantly!