Anniversary Ring: What Finger Do You Wear?

Anniversaries hold special importance in the life of every person. If you have recently celebrated any special anniversary; you might wonder where to place the diamond ring that you have received. Well, there is no specific rule when it comes to the placement of anniversary rings.

Anniversary rings can be worn depending on their style and the person’s comfort. It also depends on the type of wedding bands and engagement rings that you currently wear. Generally engagement set is on the ring finger of left hand so you can wear your anniversary ring on the ring finger of other hand.

Following are some guideline that can help in clearing things up.

Eternity bands
Owing to its simple design when it comes to selecting the finger, anniversary bands give you a great amount of flexibility. Choose the right hand to sport your new band. To complement with your wedding band and engagement rings you can also wear your anniversary ring on the middle finger of left hand. While doing so bear the following in mind:
• If your eternity band features the same metal and gems as your wedding set then consider wearing it on your left hand or else on right.
• Understand your personal preference. Considering there are no mentioned rules for anniversary rings or eternity bands, you can choose the finger that looks the best for ring.
• Your comfort matters the most. Will you be comfortable wearing the anniversary band and engagement ring on the same hand? If no then choose the other hand.

Elaborate Designs
Depending on the design, if your anniversary ring is more elaborate and or is a right hand ring, wear it on the ring finger of right hand. Whether you choose a three stone design or some other style, wearing the new ring on the other hand allows you to exhibit the ring properly. You also need to be careful while wearing the ring on right hand as it is the most frequently used hand. Make sure the ring is durable and prefer stones like diamond, rubies and sapphires.

Engagement ring
If the anniversary ring you have presented is a delayed engagement ring, then you would want to wear it above your wedding band. Consider the style and design of wedding band to decide this. See if it’s set with diamonds and ornately engraved. What is the metal, platinum or gold band? In case of a simple wedding band, you may consider stacking the rings together on the ring finger of left hand. Engagement ring sits above wedding bands.

Personal taste and preference
The style of any ring that you choose depends on your personal preference, and the same is true for deciding your anniversary ring. You can simply try few rings to see where the anniversary ring looks the best. When you try the rings on your hand, you come to know which is the most suitable and which you can flaunt.