All Set To Shop For Your Engagement Day? Read on…

The wait is finally getting over and you are all set for the special day of your life- your engagement day! It is the first formal event of your life where you take the first step towards being a bride. Amidst the excitement of starting a new life, you get caught up in the hassle of your engagement dress, the matching jewelry, shoes, purse and everything else. Things like how to match your attire with the perfect accessories, starts rolling in your head. Well, you need not worry as we are here to help you.

Your accessories come with other set of question:

  • White gold, platinum or rose gold?
  • Pearls, diamonds or gemstones?
  • Contemporary, antique or modern?

You yourself are at the right position to answer these questions. Your personality and preferences should be taken into consideration before making any purchase. The choice of accessories completely depends on your engagement dress. You need to complement your jewelry with the dress.

Multiple options are available today for dresses as well as jewelry which make you more confused. Instead of browsing through all the options, all you need is a bit of advanced planning and understanding. Be it the diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings or necklace.

To help you and make you more relaxed, we are compiling few pieces of jewelry that you might like. Whether you are looking for a practical advice or some suggestions related to engagement rings or earrings that you want to flaunt on the most important event of your life, you can go through the following.

If you are looking for elegance and luxury, you can opt for a stunning contemporary look that will go well with your trousseau.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring should be classy and depict uniqueness. You can go for an elegant Asscher shaped diamond surrounded by set of trillion cut diamonds.

Diamond Necklace

Necklace can be kept as classic and timeless. Go for a piece of jewelry that features emerald cut solitaires surrounded by round diamonds. You can also buy a heart shaped diamond pendant as it is a very popular choice with brides.

Diamond Bracelet

As far as bracelets are concerned, you can try stunning and stylish one which complements your engagement ring. It can have round or square shaped diamonds.

Diamond Earrings

Earrings can be studded diamonds featuring any diamond cut you like. Sparking princess cut, round brilliant cut diamonds and emerald are a popular choice.

The selection of other accessories like footwear and hairstyle can be done accordingly. Make sure your jewelry is visible and it gets all the drooling that it deserves. Engagement is an important, huge event so make it a memorable one too.