9 Office Desk Essentials For Offices

Office desk are the vital part in our work routine. People involved in office jobs required to sit for hours in front of their computers, should have some essentials on their office desk. These office desk essentials will help you accomplishing your work fruitfully and enjoying your long working hours at work. It is not necessary to keep everything on the desk top. You can keep it in the drawer of your desk.

Check out the list of important things you should have in your desk drawer -

Extra charger

You may forget to charge your phone at home and the battery is about to die and the day become worse when you are expecting some urgent important calls. So have an extra charger for your laptop, mobile in your office desk drawer.

Light snacks

Your may feel hungry while working even after having lunch. So have some healthy and dried snacks at your bay. Fruits, nuts, crackles can be good way to quite your sudden hunger and boosting concentration in your work.

Extra pen and other important stationary

You might be having a stylish pen stand at your desk with your favourite pen, pencils and other stationary, but it is quite common in offices that you do not find your pen when needed as your colleague took it two days ago and forget to give back. So for emergencies keep extra pen in your drawer.

Some medication you might need

Pain killers, bandage and antibiotics you should keep in your first aid box in your desk drawer. If you are on any specific medication, do keep extra pills.

Hand sanitizer

To keep yourself healthy and surroundings hygienic, have a small hand sanitizer and use it before having anything.

Hair brush

You might be required to rush for any meeting with no time for touch up. Having a hair brush in your reach can give you chance to at least set your hair when needed.

Mint or chewing gums

To attend any meeting after lunch, you might feel sleepy or some unpleasant mouth odour, then having some mint and gums in your desks can save you in such situations.

Desk calendar

Have a small desk calendar to mark important dates and notes.


Demotivators generally people used to place motivational scripture or picture at work. But, if you gain inspiration and strength from Demotivators then go for it. But, make sure it is safe for your ambiance and not offensive for surrounding people.