9 Food You Should Eat For Better Oral Health

9 Food You Should Eat For Better Oral Health

Love to have different kind of food? A piece of mouth watering cake or a delicious plateful of your favorite cookies and more can make anyone mouth watering. Many people love to eat not only to nourish their body but to keep their taste buds happy. Have you ever thought that whatever we eat, it reflects on our health? Food is not to remove hunger, it heals and nurtures us. The correct foods help you feel lively, sleep better and prevent sickness.

It is good news for the people who are worried about their oral health. The food you eat can also do a lot for your teeth and overall oral health.

Sugary or sticky food aids the bad bacteria to grow and cause oral problems and tooth decay. Therefore, it is essential to keep our teeth clean between the different meals. Floss and brushing are the best way to keep your mouth clean and bacteria free. But, it might be not possible for every individual to brush after every meal. To help such people eating some healthy food can cure your teeth and oral health fruitfully.

Enjoy the food that can really assist with your oral hygiene –

Carrots, pears, and celery –

Eating most fresh fruits and raw vegetables with high fibers is very good for your teeth. Chewing these raw veggies generates lots of saliva, and plenty of chewing is requisite to break down fresh raw vegetables. The supplementary bonus of chewing celery is that it splits apart into grisly strands that aids in cleaning teeth.

Milk or cheese –

Dairy products can reduce the enamel on your teeth and provide them calcium giving strength. Cheese and milk provide strength to your teeth and reduces the acid effects of other food you have.

Onions –

Yes, you read right! Onions are the best antibacterial food that can reduce the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. You can have two slices of raw onion in your sandwich as onions wiped out four strains of bacteria causing gum disease and cavities. Bad breath for some time is a flaw, but you can brush to get rid of the bad smell.

Sugarless gums –

You can enjoy sugar-free gums as chewing gum can aid in removing the plaque from your teeth.

Cashew –

Delicious! Having some Cashew nuts can improve your oral health. It has microbe-fighting properties against bacteria leading to tooth decay. These not only beneficial to keep your teeth clean, but also fight a bacteria causing acne.

Water –

As everybody knows water is the best way to remove the acid from our body. You need to consume a good amount of water daily as it is the best way to improve your overall health including dental health. Moreover, if you are trying to lose weight, make water your best friend. Drinking water can help in losing the extra calories as well.

Yogurt –

Have a bowl of yogurt in your meal daily. It contains casein that has phosphates and calcium supporting tooth remineralization for strong enamel.

Sesame or coconut Oil -

Gargling with sesame or coconut oil is an excellent oil pulling technique. It is the best mouthwash to reduce plaque and giving strength to your teeth.

Green tea -

Replace your habit of drinking coffee or tea with green tea for a beautiful smile.

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