8 Ways To Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your treasured diamond engagement ring is an emblem of love, passion, care and opulence. We cherish it with lot of affection. However it is important to properly take care of the ring to prevent it from getting damaged.

Here are some tips to care for your diamond engagement rings:

1. Handling
Always remember to hold your diamond engagement ring by its band and not by the stone. This will prevent the diamond from getting spoiled by the oils on your hand and keep it secured over time.

2. Metal
White gold and Platinum engagement rings won’t corrode, but might get scratched as it becomes older. Polishing the ring can give the original appearance back to the ring. A jeweler can easily remove the scratches on the ring. It is a minor and inexpensive jewelry service.

3. Chemicals
A lot of women wear jewelry daily without paying any heed to it. Various chemicals used regularly in our environment can cause potential damage to your engagement rings. Ensure you remove the diamond ring before using a hair dye or bleach. Avoid getting it in contact with chlorine. After using any chemical, make sure you clean your hands thoroughly before wearing your jewelry back.

4. Protection
The daily hustle and bustle can make your engagement ring dirty. There are chances that substances from make-up, sunscreen, dust, flour, soap etc could accumulate over your engagement ring and ruin it. Thus taking it off before you do anything greasy is the best option. This will keep your jewelry beautiful and last longer.

5. Chipping
Diamonds are considered to be very hard and it’s a myth that they don’t chip. It is important you give proper attention to it while doing heavy manual work to avoid changing its settings.

6. Soaking
If you want to give your diamond ring an elegant look, the best thing you can do is to soak the ring in a bowl for 10 minutes that contains four parts warm water and one part household ammonia. Gently brush the ring with a soft brush. Rinse it properly and place it on tissue paper to drain it. You can also use hair dryer as an alternative to blow dry your ring and get rid of water spots.

7. Vodka
Soaking your diamond ring in some amount of vodka will dissolve the stubborn residue and give it a sparkling and brilliant sheen. As mentioned above, use the same procedure to dry it.

8. Expert check-up
If worn extensively, even the most secure diamond settings may loosen. Thus it is important to check your diamond engagement ring for manufacturing defects or other problems that could hinder the setting of your diamond. A specialist diamond jeweler will properly examine your diamond ring, clean it and make it shinier.

By following these above mentioned steps you can keep your ring glossy and lustrous forever.