The Best Chauffeur

8 Secret Tips To Become The Best Chauffeur

Are you a chauffeur and want to earn more bucks? Do you want the tag ‘The best Chauffeur’ before your name? Either way, here are some effectual tips that can help and give you an opportunity to enjoy your work.

Dress up for success
The first look is the first impression. Dress up in proper clothing with proper shoes and tie that reflects a professional image of yours. Believe or not, it is the best way to attract and impress the clients at first meet.

Do not speak, until you are asked
A client may be your regular one, or meeting to a new one, do not speak unnecessarily. You might be having so much knowledge and info about the topic your passengers are talking about or discussing. You can speak politely when they ask your opinion or guidance.

Keep your fleet clean
Any passenger hiring airport chauffeur service or to move any other place expects a good, well-maintained and clean car for the trip. Wash your vehicle and keep them clean, odourless with all working amenities to satisfy your clients’ needs and requirements.

Learn the city roads, streets, landmarks thoroughly
You should know almost very thing about the route, landmarks, popular areas about the city you are driving. This is very essential so that you can take your clients to their destination in a safe and easy way.

Punctuality is the key
Be punctual with time and arrive five minutes earlier to the destination to pick your client. Your client may take the time to board the car that is fine. However, you are expected to be late. These are the good etiquettes of a professional and dedicated chauffeur.

Receiving style
When you are visiting to pick up a client from an airport of the bus station, you are required to wait for them to come and take their luggage. Make sure he/she is seated properly in the car and after that put on the luggage in the car.

Give royal treatment to every client
Remember, every client is important and you should serve him or her all with equal and high priority. Give them respect and chauffeur driven luxury car hire services. While dropping them to their destination do not leave the place until the attendees of your clients address them.

Avoid liquor and smoking
Do not smoke or have liquor while driving or before going to receive any passenger as this reflects very bad impression on your clients. Drunk and drive can be dangerous as well for your life.

Greet in personalise way
You can greet your guests in your own courteous and personalize way to make them comfortable and cheerful while travelling in your car. Say two-three lines full of respectful words to addressing yourself and make them proud of their decision to choose you as their chauffeur. Do not start an essay or speech that may look over and boring too to the passenger.