8 Factors To Consider Before Buying Wedding Bands

Buying a wedding ring is a very important decision of your life. It not just symbolizes your commitment but also you will be wearing it throughout your life. Engagement rings and wedding bands are different in certain aspects. Usually a diamond engagement ring is bought secretly to surprise your partner, whereas wedding bands are likely to be bought together by the couple.

By the time you buy wedding bands, most of your wedding preparations are done and there is less speculation left in choosing the perfect wedding rings. One of the most important steps you need to do is to decide on your budget. After this come the traits of ring: thick or thin; matching or not etc.

You get a lot of collection to browse on the internet. There are certain factors you must consider if you are opting for diamond wedding bands.

1. Engagement ring and wedding band
As we know a person wears two rings after wedding, his engagement ring plus his wedding band. If your partner plans to wear her wedding ring and engagement ring together then you could consider buying her a curved wedding band which would complement her engagement ring. A curved wedding band will sit smoothly around the diamond on her engagement ring. The best way is to get both wedding as well as engagement rings in the same style and metal. Curved rings are available widely all over.

2. Setting of the band
A bezel or a flush setting for a diamond wedding ring is more secured whereas a prong setting allows more light to go through the diamond. A diamond solitaire ring with a prong setting creates more glitter.

3. Comfort
Your lifestyle should also be considered while selecting the rings. If you and your partner enjoy an active lifestyle, you may want to opt for wedding bands that are secure, robust and don’t stretch easily. Diamond wedding ring with a gigantic stone looks great but you might find it uncomfortable in the long run. It may also get caught in clothing easily. You can opt for a simple wedding band if your daily activities are pretty rough.

4. Metal of the band
Amongst the various metals available for wedding band, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are popular choices. White gold is coated in rhodium which is a metal similar to platinum. This creates a real white look. This thin layer of rhodium will sooner or later wear off. It should be re-plated approximately every year or a year and half to keep the metal glowing.

5. Style
Your wedding band stays eternally with you. Instead of focusing on the current trend, select something that will remain in style for years to come. Classic pieces remain in vogue always.

6. Engravings
Engraving a ring is a way to personalize it. You can engrave it with your name, your initials or certain dates or phrases. You can check for ideas of engraving a wedding band.

7. Diamonds
Quality of diamond is highly important while selecting a wedding band. The 4 Cs of diamonds which are cut, carat, color and clarity should be considered while selecting the wedding ring.

8. Design your own wedding band
Designing your own wedding ring will truly make it unique. A wide array of beautiful rings is already available but designing your own ring will add a personal taste to it. While deciding the design just keep in mind that you will be wearing this ring throughout your life. Designs the ring of your dreams and keep everyone awestruck.