7 Ways Your Job Is Hurting Your Body

The long operational office hours, pressure, and desk-bound nature of your contemporary office work are actually sucking the life out of you.

Apart from the strict deadlines, improper eating habits and being caged up with different individuals germs, ample of possessions you do regularly in the office are gradually murdering you.

We do not notice, but our habits and working ways are the slow poison for our overall health. Understand some of the ways of your job hurting your health, so that you can save yourself from the ill effects of your office routine.

Sitting the entire day could cut off years from your living

Many of us are sitting in the offices for long hours and that is terrible for our body. Pains and aches are the slightest of your troubles. Too much sitting can lead to a premature death. It is like an invitation to the problems like diabetes, heart diseases, muscular skeletal disorders, etc.

Improper office Desks

You should have a proper office desk to keep your all essential in your reach plus in a well to do manner. The desk with the right size to balance your eye on the computer screen is necessary for safeguarding your eyes. Used Office Wave Desks can be a good alternative when you want a perfect desk to help you in working efficiently without hurting your heath.

Skipping breakfast keeps you stressed

Skipping the breakfast consistently is responsible for putting you in a stressful situation and disrupting your metabolism. In researches, it is found that the people, who are skipping breakfast regularly, are having a higher risk of overweight, high blood pressure, heart issues, etc. One needs to eat proper meal two hours after waking up.

Fast food in lunch is invitation to bad health

People who have fast food in lunch are inviting the severe health problems. A portion of fast food generally gives twice the calories to another akin same sized food. Junk food has a lot of oxidized fat that upsurges the risk of heart disease.

Staring at computer screens affects your vision

We know that computer screens do not reflect any harmful rays, but still gazing the screen can cause vision problems. You may also feel a migraine and headaches with the constant staring of computer screens.

Bad office furniture deforms your body

Sitting in a bad office chair can hurt your body as you sit and work in bad posture regularly. Get the best quality Used Office Chairs like executive chairs, operator chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc. that can give you good posture and keep yourself fit.

Excessive typing and mouse in the same position

You can be exposed to the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome if you are typing a lot on the Keyboard. Upper limb RSI occurs when your position to use the mouse is same for long hours. This can be painful in the long term.