7 Stunning Diamond Shoulders For Your Engagement Ring

7 Stunning Diamond Shoulders For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings hold a very strong place in the life of couples who are madly in love. Every boy tries to buy a stunning and sparkling diamond engagement for her beloved. A ring doesn’t mean just a band of precious metal or a valuable diamond; it is a combination of all. To make a beautiful ring, stunning diamond settings perfectly done on gold, platinum, or any other metal band in a designer way. In this, the shoulder of a ring marks the tip between the shank of the ring and the setting that clutch the delightful gemstone.

Diamond engagement ring shoulders can be fashioned with a vivid diversity as every other fraction of the designer ring. There are different styles of shoulders are used today. Some of them are discussed below –

Parallel shoulders:
Parallel shoulders are used to bring a firm equivalence to ring design. Scores of engagement ring designs differ in the breadth of the band from the underneath to the shoulders. The Parallel styling perceives an even thickness of shoulder without either broadening or tapering at the setting.

Tapering shoulders:
Narrowing or tapering shoulders usually emphasize the diamond size by sinking the thickness of the band – this tenders better contrast between the stone size and band, particularly helpful in designs incorporating lesser carat weight sizes. Another benefit is that the underneath part of the ring is reserved sizeable shunning the jeopardy of this becoming too thin if re-sized.

Channel set diamond shoulder:
For the people who love more spark, diamond shoulders are best for them. Countless designs and ways are available in which these can emerge within each shoulder. The diamonds are set edging to rim with exactitude, within straight shoulders. It also elaborates the ring style.

Twisted shoulder:
Twisted shoulder rings look very beautiful and stylish. The twisted effect with sparkling diamonds is quite popular and versatile. Some engagement ring design intends a contoured to be fitted, in order to avoid ugly gaps. This style adds both divergence and flow making the ring more graceful and delighted. You will find countless variations of twisted shoulder styles, encircling most diamond cuts, shapes and band profiles you desire.

Double diamond shoulders –
Double diamond shoulder rings are the fantastic creativity by the human. Such designs look appealing and classy. This double shoulder design is obtainable crosswise most of the shapes including emerald cut, round, oval and identical besides the change in the diamond shape and its setting. Double shoulders are sophisticated and a lovely substitute to the single row diamond set shoulders.

Flared shoulders –
Flared shoulders are quite the repeal of the tapering or narrowing shoulder. This is generally successful when larger diamonds are set, with an evident gap in the diamond size to the band size that forms the thinnest part of the ring, below the finger.

Overlapping shoulders –
Interwoven shoulders or overlapping shoulders are a more organic and fluid design element adding a wonderful twist to some designs of the diamond engagement ring. Typically formed from double shoulders, you can observe that one side of the shoulder divide and flow and across to the other side, where it habitually outline part of the setting.

Whatever your likings are, there are some stunning, and gorgeous diamond engagement rings with diamond shoulder options are available for you.