7 Interesting Facts About Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are the most vital part of any engagement when a couple decides to get engaged and spend rest of their life in the lap of each other. Every individual have different taste and like to buy a unique and one of a kind ring for his beloved.

Have you ever wonder about how this trend originated. Archduke Maximillian initiated engagement ring tradition in 1477. He gave a gold ring set with a diamond as a symbol of love to Mary. There are so many such facts associated with the engagement ring.

Here, are some of the interesting facts about engagement ring -

• The most preferred and famous diamond shape is the round brilliant cut for an engagement ring. Based on the kind of shank you choose it does tend to show off the diamond very well. The round shape diamond scores high in showing excellent wow and bling factor

• IGI and GIA are the two of the most appreciated diamond rating labs globally. These grades help you to know exactly what you are buying

Engagement ring animation is available over the web that helps people to see how the ring looks in their finger

Engagement ring is worn in the third finger as it believed that the vein goes straight to the heart

Platinum and white gold are the most common and preferred metal for making the engagement ring. However, due to the increasing costs of such precious metals, palladium is also used. It is a cheaper, stunning, and effective alternative for a stunning diamond engagement ring.

• You can check the purity and reality of the diamond by shining an ultraviolet light on it. If it glows in the dark for a few seconds, it is the real diamond.

• December is the most preferred month of being engaged.

Hence, engagement rings have their own importance in every individual’s life. Other than these facts, there are so many emotions, memories, and lovely feelings are attached with the ring. The bottom line is every person has his own taste and choice for the ring. So, choose the ring you love and enjoy the beauty and spark of it with your soul mate everlastingly.