6 Easy To Follow Tips For Eco-Friendly Office

Reuse, Reduce, recycle and refuse

andldquo;Reduce, reuse, recycleandrdquo; yes, we should follow this for making an office space eco-friendly. Try to use the things you are having till end counting the note pads, disposable coffee cups, etc. You can use the filled notepad pages as tissue paper for cleaning desk, etc. Keep one cup for you for the full day to drink tea or coffee, as this will reduce the number of waste coffee cups. Avoid buying things you do not need and get your own bag to shop. Use the eco-friendly substantial used office furniture.

Make use of electricity intelligently

Keep off the printers, laptops, scanners and other devices when not in use to save electricity. Make certain that all the monitors and computers are set on the energy efficient settings and put off the lights when leaving the room. Include compact fluorescent bulbs other than the incandescent ones for saving on electric bills. Gain benefit from the sunlight as this will not only help you in saving, but also perk up the looks of your office space.

Non-toxic cleaning material

Make use of the non-toxic cleaning materials for your office space, as this will reduce the toxic use. You can go for the eco-friendly natural products for giving a new pathway for greenery.

Reduce transportation

You can incorporate the methods of reducing the transportation cost and pollution. With car pooling or using public transportation all are good way for moving towards eco-friendly office.

Consider paper-less office space

You should aim for a paperless office. Try to avoid the excess use of papers until possible. You can use recycled envelop and papers. You can let your employees to use the pencils and pen made up of recycled substances for reducing waste. Also, use of biodegradable soap and paper you can help to keep the planet healthy. It will also help you in keeping your office space fresh, clutter-free and enlightening.

Less energy, more work

Try to reduce the use of energy while doing more work. To save light, you can have meetings or discussions with your team members in the out space of your office or on the terrace instead of meeting or boardrooms. This will avoid the lighting the meeting rooms for longer time.