5 Troubles Faced By Couple Post Marriage

Congratulations, you have officially tied the knot and now bound together by the ties of the holy wedding ceremony. Now, it is the time to enjoy the magic of love in your relationship. But, the time doesn’t remain same forever, ups and downs are the part of life. As you move forward through the voyage of married life together, you may feel some changes in unmarried versus married life. If this is happening with you, do not worry you are not alone.

This happens with many couples due to the pressure of responsibilities and those who are work fruitfully through it eventually be competent to reinforce their relationships for the long term. Some of the problems are -

Financial problems –
The different individual has different habits of spending money. But, when you are together, you need to manage your expenses accordingly. If facing any problem related to money or finance, sit together and discuss calmly. Decide what you both exactly have in mind like whether you want to spend more on big vacations, fitness or other recreational activities. Want to buy a new home in next few years. Check your balance and place accordingly to have a wonderful and stress-free journey ahead.

In – laws –
Dealing with the in-laws a pigeonhole problem for many individuals. You need to make a balance between your and your partner’s family. Talk clear about any doubt or stress about your in-laws with your partner. Be respectful and make a limit for the in-laws interfere in your married life to avoid problems.

Different schedules and time management –
Every couple wants and desires to spend more and more time with each other. But, it is not possible for all to be together for all the time. Don’t drain your friendship when tied the knot as this will help you in having a beautiful relation. Do not scarifies your hobbies and enjoy them independently if your partner is not able to come with you. Give space to each other. Instead, plan some special time for each other according to your schedules. Balancing schedules to embrace time apart for both of you is an imperative aspect of preserving a happy and healthy marriage.

Household works –
Don’t put all responsibilities on one partner. Now you are a team. Spend some time in doing the household work together. It will give you extra time to talk with each other about your feelings, things going on at workplace and more. In addition, all work will be done in less time and you can enjoy a wonderful evening in the arms of your partner.

Intimacy –
With time, you may feel the intimacy is losing from your relationship. But, the fact is your priorities changes with time. So, you need to ignite the spark again to make your life spicy as it was previous. Plan a date night with only two of you. Relive your precious previous days and do the same activities like bathing together, watching a romantic movie in a single blanket, etc. you were enjoying earlier.

Above all, give her stunning diamond ring or map necklace with a map of the place you met her for the first time or of your wedding venue on an odd day. This will surely boost your relationship and give you the delight and charm you were missing in your wedding life.