5 Top Tips To Make Your Diamond Sparkling

You have bought the new dress, done with the hairstyle and put on your heels. Now it is the time to put some icing on the cake… your liked diamond accessories. No party looks is complete without diamond jewelry especially when it is at your place or thrown for you.

But, do you remember when you polished your diamond bracelet, diamond rings and earrings the last time?

Less-than-brilliant bling can ruin your elegant party look. Here, are some amazing and effective tips that can help make the precious rocks regain the shine!

Make your diamonds sparkle:

♥ Soft touch – we know that diamonds are the hardest stone, but the fact is these are the precious natural stone. Handle them carefully and don’t scrub them forcefully to clean or use extreme force when using them.

♥ Give a regular soak to your diamonds – don’t forget to clean your diamonds bands regularly. You can use warm water with mild soap for gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush. This will make your diamonds sparkling for lifelong. Don’t do the same with pearls as this will make the pearls dull. And use a bowl to for cleaning so that your precious diamond do not get disappear in the sink.

♥ Do not let your diamonds rub together – rubbing of diamonds can damage it. So, it is better to keep the diamond articles safely in jewelry boxes to retain their shine and saving from damage or scratches.

♥ Avoid exposure of diamonds to sudden temperature change – the stone can show a reaction with sudden changes in temperature. So, avoid the contact of diamonds with sudden temperature changes.

♥ Don’t over clean – Cleaning of diamond jewelry is needed, but over doing can hurt your precious stone. Clean this in a regular interval of once in a month if wearing the same regularly.