5 Tips To Make A Diamond Engagement Ring Unique

Without any doubt all diamonds are unique but for couples who want a unique diamond ring, a slight inclusion is not enough to set their diamond ring apart. Diamond engagement rings offer marvellous versatility. They can complement well with wedding bands or ring enhancer worn as a wedding set. Rings are available in different shapes, settings and band styles which make them special and unique.

Here are some tips that will help in making your diamond engagement ring unique:

Use special Diamond
You can give a special appearance to your engagement ring by selecting the 4 Cs (carat, cut, color, clarity) of diamond properly. A properly cut white diamond with nice clarity has passionate fire in it which makes it exquisite. A cloudy diamond looks less attractive irrespective of its size. Clarity has a great impact on the appearance of diamond. So after considering all these factors you can select the special engagement ring for your special day. While selecting the ring inspect it closely and ask the jeweler regarding its details.

Select a Unique Diamond Shape
Diamond rings are available in various shapes and sizes. Amongst these, round diamonds are the most popular ones. Other shapes like pear, oval and princess cuts are rarely seen. By selecting such shapes you can make your ring look unique. Following are some shapes that go beyond the conventional diamond shapes:
1. Asscher cut diamonds
2. Cushion cut diamonds
3. Heart shaped diamonds
4. Trillion cut diamonds
5. Unique diamond cuts

Look for an Unusual Setting
The four and six prong mounts look elegant but it is conventional. You can opt for some other unique settings that will make your ring look flattery and distinctive. The settings are further classified in following types:
1. Bezel settings
2. Tension settings
3. Invisible settings

Modify the Band
Traditionally engagement rings have gold, white gold and platinum bands. Changing the band can make it look distinctive. You can make it more attractive by engraving design on it or you can use unusual metal to set it apart.

Buy a Vintage Ring
Vintage rings can always make your ring special. It is beautiful in its own ways and has significance attached to it. They may feature unusual diamond cuts, bands, settings etc. It gives a special appeal to the ring and mesmerises all those who admire the classic vintage look.

No doubt, a diamond engagement ring holds a special importance and will always be remarkable for the person who wears it. It is the ring which remains for a lifetime. So always make the best choice.