5 Steps To Test Diamond Jewelry At Home

5 Steps To Test Diamond Jewelry At Home

Everyone loves diamonds and owning diamond jewelry is nothing less than a symbol of class and status. You must know that all stones that appear like a diamond are not genuine diamonds. So how exactly can you determine a real and fake diamond? Well, you can surely take it to a local jeweler or gemmologist to find its authenticity. But there are certain experiments which you can perform at home that will help in determining this.

Browse the following experiments:

1. Breath Test

Place the stone close to your mouth and breathe out on its face. A real diamond will show no signs of fogginess on it. This is because diamonds cannot hold heat and dispense it immediately. This is the easiest way to find out if the diamond in your hand is real or fake. If it turns out foggy then there is nothing much you can do about it. You can flaunt it as imitation jewelry.

2. Water Test

This one is very simple and easy to judge. All you need to do is drop a diamond in a small glass of water. Make sure it is a loose diamond or else this experiment won’t work. After you drop the diamond observe if it sinks or floats. A real diamond will sink to the bottom and a fake one will start floating.

3. Loupe Test

If you have a magnifying glass or microscope with you at home along with some basic knowledge of diamonds, then this test is a cakewalk. Most diamonds have a certain kind of diamond inclusion. If you inspect it under magnification in good light, you might notice a small piece of carbon or white feather like spot. Synthetic diamonds are flawless and don’t have any inclusions. But don’t rely completely on this test as you can never be sure of the inclusions. But as a simple home remedy it is good.

4. Scratch Test

If you have a loose diamond this test will work well. Firstly take a stone and scratch a piece of glass with it. You need to be very cautious while doing so because it might chip off the diamond. If no scratch is found on the glass because of your stone, then chances are that it is fake. And if the glass gets scratched then you can proceed to other test to get hundred percent assurance of its authenticity as some fake diamonds can also scratch the glass.

5. Newspaper Test

This test works well when you have a larger stone. If you place a synthetic stone over a newspaper, you can read the print beneath it. Whereas a real diamond refracts the light which makes it impossible for a human eye to read the words underneath. Even a big dot on the paper won’t be visible through a genuine diamond.

The above mentioned tests can help you in determining the genuineness of the diamond in engagement rings and diamond jewelry. If it passes at least one of these tests, you can get the diamond examined by a gemmologist or professional jeweler.