5 Exquisite Engagement Rings You Should Know

5 Exquisite Engagement Rings You Should Know

Everyone has a unique sense of style. When it comes to selecting an engagement ring you have tons of options to select the one that is perfect for you. Out of thousands of rings available, selecting the one that suits your personality is a bewildering task.

Here we present you a list of elegant engagement rings that emphasizes five different fashion styles.

1. Classic Ring
Classic engagement rings will forever be in style and fashion. They are a timeless beauty and have been around since the creation of jewelry. For women with a sleek wardrobe, solitaire is the best option. You can decide on the cut of the diamond. One of the most common shape for diamond in an engagement ring is the brilliantly cut round diamonds.

You can also be a bit creative and opt for cuts of fancy shapes like heart or so. Radiant shapes are also chic and are customized luminously. These are the diamonds modified in square shape. For that matter any and every diamond cut will look great in the solitaire setting. If you are finalizing a diamond with a lower colour grade then it is recommended to have a platinum or white gold setting.

2. Glamorous Ring
Glamour is all about being fashionable. It is all about being big and lustrous. The size of your stone can be maximized by going for a narrow emerald cut which has a double or triple halo setting. The unique triple shank trait makes the ring even more sparkling than your normal split shank.

3. Romantic Ring
Romance is the essence of life. Romantic engagement ring has a lot of nature inspired fine detailing. If you opt for a quirky ring than, basketweave or lacey settings are the features you should look for. The diamond is made to look very prominent and it is made with lot of detailing.

4. Vintage Ring
Vintage and retro jewelry looks classic. A lot of new engagement rings are made in vintage style to give you the feeling of retro look. The appearance is the same of the rings that were made years ago. However there is nothing old or new about it if you love vintage style.

5. Bohemian Ring
Bohemian ring is for you, if your fashion is assorted and free spirited. These phenomenal engagement rings are made by jewelry artisans by hand. The diamond in these rings looks unique and gorgeous.

Selecting a suitable engagement ring requires a lot of research and understanding of your personal likes and dislikes. Engagement ring will stay with you forever, so it is important you select the best as per your style, taste and glamour.