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5 Common Myths About Wet Room Walk In Showers

Wet rooms are very popular nowadays. These are not only beneficial for the disabled and handicapped people to bath independently, but at the same time to perk up the standards of a home. Presently, there are countless options of wet room walk in showers are available that can help you pick the finest ones for your place. However, in spite of the rise in wet room installation, the myths about wet rooms haven’t been erased.

In conjunction with their trendy look, wet rooms endow many key benefits. Here, are some points gathered that would clear the most common misconceptions about wet rooms and confirm why they are not to be believed.

Myth 1 – Wet room leaks

It is extensively supposed that wet rooms leak. It is not so true. Properly waterproofed fitting by experts and Form Safe dry tanking system guarantees leak-proof for the life. These are constructed and fitted in a way to avoid leaking.

Myth 2 – Wet room should be installed downstairs

There is no such restriction involved with the fitting of wet room showers. These are perfect to be fitted any place of your home downstairs or upstairs plus are suitable for any kind of tiles.

Myth 3 – Whole room gets wet

Glass walls can be fitted to avoid getting the whole room gets wet. This will enhance the appealing look of your home. Under floor heating system can be added to make the water evaporates in no time to make the room dry quickly.

Myth 4 – Wet room are dangerous and slippery

Wet room, showers are best with properly fitted non-slip tiles. This can provide a completely safe shower area. Devoid of having to step in and out of a bath or shower, the jeopardy of tripping is also reduced.

Myth 5 – Wet room showers are only for big bathrooms

Availability of an extensive range of wet room showers gives the opportunity to get a classy shower fitted in your small or big bathroom. These are ideal to be fitted in any area with ease.

So, now what are you waiting for, go online find out the best walk in showers suppliers and get the excellent wet room shower fitted in your bath go give a luxurious and relaxing experience to your near and dear ones.

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