5 Benefits Of Tooth Coloured Fillings

5 Benefits Of Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured fillings are custom made dental tooth fillings either made up of a material called porcelain or composite resin. Such materials have more advantages compared to the conventional metal teeth fillings. It is far safer and equally effective as metal tooth fillings. In terms of looks too they are more appealing as compared to metal tooth fillings.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings:

1. It is better looking

If you desire beautiful and flawless set of teeth, your choice is definitely going to be tooth coloured fillings. They restore your teeth to display a perfect smile without leaving any trace of cavity. Your confidence and self esteem gets boosted and you can smile freely. Having metal tooth fillings instead of tooth coloured fillings can be demoralizing. Your smile will be tainted by the pieces of metal which can make you look old and less appealing.

2. It is a safer and healthier choice

Metal fillings are usually made up of silver amalgam which can expand and contract when subjected to different conditions like temperatures. Such contraction and expansion can exert pressure on the teeth and can weaken your entire set of teeth over time. Unlike metal fillings tooth coloured fillings do not expand or contract. There won’t be any effect on your teeth and you can maintain a good oral health.

3. It restores the strength of your teeth

Tooth coloured fillings can also restore the strength and condition of your original set of teeth. It encourages good growth and restoration of your tooth by bonding to your teeth and adhering well. This way your tooth can repair itself and grow well from the decay it had.

4. It can be customized

Everyone’s teeth are of different shades. When you get your own tooth filling, it will be of exactly the same shade as your existing set of teeth. This is possible because of the usage of materials like porcelain and composite resin.

5. Teeth do not discolour in the long run

Metal fillings discolour your teeth and make it greyish over time. Whereas tooth coloured fillings won’t discolour your teeth. It not only can be shaded to your appropriate teeth colour, but they also remain that way and never change throughout.

In short, Tooth coloured fillings can last for decades and will keep your teeth looking good and shiny, says dentists in UK.