4 Things Your Jeweler Wants You To Know

4 Things Your Jeweler Wants You To Know

People don’t need occasions to buy jewelry. We buy whenever we feel like and usually prefer buying it from the jeweler that we have known for a long time. Such jewelers can aptly help us in buying jewelry, be it earrings, engagement rings, necklaces etc. A special bonding exists between the jeweler and his customers. He will always guide you regarding all kinds of jewelry. But at the same time he expects you to have some knowledge of jewelry.

Here is a list of points you must understand before making a purchase:

1. Basic knowledge of jewelry
Undoubtedly jewelers have an extensive knowledge about jewelry but they expect you to have at least basic knowledge of fine jewelry. You are not required to know everything in detail. Understanding of basic diamonds will help you to eloquent what you are looking for. You need to understand this fundamental since jewelry is expensive and you won’t afford wasting your money.

2. Fine Jewelry is expensive
This goes without saying. We all know jewelry is very expensive, be it gold, diamond or platinum. You must first check your budget and then buy accordingly. Before making a purchase set a realistic budget which should not exceed. At the same time you must realize you can’t expect to get high quality stones and metals for less money. You can browse the internet to check for the latest pricing or talk to your jeweler and he will guide what fits your budget.

3. Jewelry etiquette
Jewelers cherish their relationship with their customers, but they also run a business. It is alright if once you bring jewelry purchased from elsewhere and ask your jewelers opinion on it. If you do this repeatedly, it will definitely annoy your jeweler. Don’t make them feel inferior by doing so, as even they keep similar items in their store. Loyalty is appreciated by all. Be loyal to a single jeweler and they will do everything to give you the best deal.

4. Jewelry isn’t indestructible
Similar to other things, jewelry too can wear off. Fine jewelry needs occasional cleaning, checkups and maintenance. You must visit your jeweler to get it cleaned professionally. Inspect your items regularly. Some fine jewelry also comes with warrantees. Diamonds are durable but you still need to handle them with care. Do not bang your jewelry and then blame your jewelers for selling defective piece. Sometimes small stone might fall off from your jewelry which your jeweler can fix. Nowadays for other damages, jewelry insurance is available.