3 Types of Diamond Cuts To Choose For Engagement Ring

Diamonds come in various shapes and cuts. Based on this, they are classified in different types. These shapes and cuts make the diamonds distinctive and the engagement ring more appealing. Diamond cuts are sorted in three basic categories based on style and arrangement of a diamond’s facets. They are:

1. Brilliant cuts
2. Step cuts
3. Mixed cuts

1. Brilliant Cut Diamonds

This type of diamond is shaped like triangles and kites. The facets radiate outwards and are positioned so that the light that passes through it enhances the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. The most popular versions of brilliant cut diamonds is the round shape. It has a total of around 58 facets. You can see varying facet numbers in vintage brilliant cut diamonds. Princess cut diamond is also a popular brilliant cut diamond.

2. Step Cut Diamonds
This type of diamond has four sided, sloping facet which run parallel to the girdle of diamond. The example of step cut diamonds are the baguettes set on each side of the center diamond in engagement ring.

The rectangular shaped emerald cut diamonds too are step cut diamonds with their corners clipped off. They have more facets than baguette diamonds. The current favourite of most brides-to-be is the Asscher cut.

With beauty comes certain drawback too. The open appearance of some of these diamonds can make large inclusions and internal flaws more obvious in the set stone.

3. Mixed Diamond Cuts

Mixed cut diamonds include elements from both the brilliant and step cut techniques. They are frequently used for coloured gemstones. They are further classified into 5 types.

1. Old European Cut
2. Old Mine Cut
3. Cushion Cut
4. Asscher Cut
5. Rose Cut

Old European Cut: This is round in shape and similar to old mine cut.

Old Mine Cut: It is square in shape and has slightly round corners and brilliant style facets. The cut is large enough and is visible from the top of the stone.

Cushion Cut: In this cushion cut , the gemstone is more of rectangular shape.

Asscher Cut: It was developed early in the 20th century and is very popular. It is square and resembles an emerald cut. The deeply clipped corners give the diamond an octagon appearance.

Rose Cut: It is a vintage style with brilliant facets arranged in groups. The gemstone resembles an opening rosebud.

From the above mentioned cuts of diamonds you can select the best for your engagement ring. Let the ring stand out and get all the attention that it deserves.