3 Factors To Determine Your SEO Needs

Over the time businesses have realized the value of SEO and this has consequently increased its demand. At the same time it is essential to understand what you want to gain from an SEO program before you undertake one.

SEO involves a lot of different things like on-page content recommendations, technical audits, blog posts, conversion optimization recommendations, link building programs and much more. It will also be priced in number of ways depending on how many things are included. Thus always make sure what exactly you are looking for.

The three key factors you should consider while evaluating your SEO needs are:

1. Business Goals

Your business goals should always be your first priority. By understanding what your overall business goals are, it becomes easier for you to determine which SEO services would best fit your requirements. For example do you want to increase conversions or build product awareness? Or do you wish to gain visibility locally or fix a Google penalty? Each of your goals would require different strategy to be implemented.

2. Existing Performance

The existing performance of your site is another factor that you must consider. While assessing potential clients, their analytics data is considered to provide the traffic and conversion numbers over time. Analyze how your site has performed over the last couple of years. Study the traffic trends and conversion trends along with any other data that will help you in understanding your site’s needs. At the same time this will help you to figure out the budget you need.

3. Resource Constraints

Always know where exactly you need help. You should have enough resources when the program starts.

Lastly, you should be realistic. If you know that you need content on the site but you don’t have any in-house resource to create it than probably you need to rely on your SEO vendor. If you already have you content writing team than you might just require some editorial guidance to ensure that you are targeting the correct keywords and audience.

Any business who is intending to start with a SEO program should make sure beforehand that they have a good understanding of each of these mentioned factors. This will make the process of proposal easier and help you find a vendor more quickly. It will also help you in creating a successful program that helps you in achieving your business goals.