3 Characteristics Of Diamond Cuts

3 Characteristics Of Diamond Cuts

Everyone loves diamonds and diamond jewelry and we all know that they come in various cuts. When we think of cuts we relate it to shape but in case of diamonds it is not simply the shape. Diamond comes in various cuts and the term diamond cut doesn't refer to its shape alone. Cut here means a diamond's proportions such as width, depth and uniformity of its facets. It consists of all the characteristics that control its durability, brilliance and other aspects of diamond. A diamond needs a good cut to make it more beautiful and appealing. This is because even a diamond with brilliant clarity and color won’t display the sparkle.

Following are certain characteristics of a good diamond cut

1. Width and Depth of Diamond
The proportions of diamond’s width and depth largely influence its brilliance. Light when travels through a shallow cut diamond, gets lost out of the stone and doesn’t bounce back. Shallow cut diamonds appear lifeless because of the lack of light.

Light when travels through an ideal cut diamond bounce back from the top of the stone thus bringing its brilliance in view.

Light travels through a diamond that is cut deeply and escapes out from the sides of diamond. This leads to darkening of all or portions of the stone.

2. The Symmetry of Diamond
The alignment of a diamond’s facets determines its symmetry. Diamonds should be brilliantly cut to derive the best light effect. Light does not reflect if facets are not aligned properly. Fair and Poor graded diamonds usually have symmetry which is inappropriately aligned. When the diamond is moved into light, it flashes and this phenomenon is called scintillation.

3. The Polish of Diamond
The surface of diamond should be smooth and polished for the light to pass through it. If more light passes, the diamond will appear brighter.

Problems with Diamond cuts
• A chipped or broken culet
• A missing or off-center culet
• Extra or misaligned facets
• A fringed girdle with tiny cracks
• Too thick girdle which creates poor proportions

Before making the purchase of diamond or diamond jewelry, it is important to thoroughly inspect it. You must always buy diamond jewelry from a renowned jeweler and get the entire information of diamond from him. Make comparisons between diamonds and inspect as many diamonds you can so that you can finalize on the best one.