14 Interesting Facts About Diamond Engagement Rings

The concept of using a luxurious piece of jewelry to celebrate a lifelong commitment is a pleasant emotion. But there is a lot more to diamond engagement rings than love and passion. They not only symbolize your love and opulence but have got various traditional attributes to it.

Here are some interesting facts about Diamond engagement rings:

1. Diamonds were first discovered in around 800 B.C. But until 15th century they were not used on engagement rings or wedding bands.

2. The word diamond is derived from “adamant”, a Greek word which means invincible. They are believed to be unbreakable.

3. In 1477 the custom of an engagement ring originated. A Golden ring with a diamond was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy as a gesture of love.

4. De Beers Platinum is the most expensive diamond engagement ring in the world which costs around £1.2 million.

5. According to the ancient cultures it is believed that the third finger on the left hand has a special vein called “Vena Amoris”, which symbolizes the vein of love and directly meets the heart.

6. The engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand in countries like the USA, England, Canada and France. India, Germany and Russia wear the ring on their right hand.

7. Certain engagement rings are also used as Wedding bands.

8. Platinum and White Gold is the most common metal used in engagement rings. A cheaper and luxurious substitute to this is Palladium.

9. The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape and scores high on the bling factor.

10. The standard diamond carat weight used in engagement rings is estimated to be 0.37 carats.

11. Valentines’ day is a prime day for jewellery retailers; but December is a prevalent time for engagements.

12. If in the dark, you shine an UV light on a real diamond it starts glowing for some time.

13. IGI and GIA are two of the world’s most esteemed diamond grading labs. They grade diamonds so that you know what exactly you are buying. Always ensure that the company has a good reputation and the diamond is certified.

14. Engagement rings animation is available on the internet. They are interactive and customers can get a fair idea about how the ring looks in great details.