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Different colored gold engagement rings

White, yellow and rose gold in the making of distinct sorts of jewelry pieces are very common among individuals. Whether you are buying comfortable engagement rings, anniversary bands, necklace, earrings, bracelets or any other jewelry piece, white, yellow and rose gold are commonly used. For a unique and special jewelry piece, some unique colored gold is used. Green, purple, black and blue gold are also used in the manufacturing of some elegant and designer jewelry pieces. When it comes to designing special engagement ring, you can choose this colored gold.

Blue, black and purple gold are manufactured by using one of the two methods called intermetallic compounds in which formation of special gold metal compounds is done and another one is patination of gold in which coating on gold is done. The purple colored gold is also known as violet gold. These contain 79% of gold so referred as 18k gold, but have some drawbacks over the original alloy form.

They all are liable to be a slightly fragile, so a sharp blow on a portion of purple gold will most possibly grounds it to break. These also get tarnish quickly. The black gold is less wear resistant and is required to be used carefully. For all these colored gold, you need to avoid conditions like abrading and rubbing to maintain their beauty.

Though they have some defaults, looks astonishing and eye-catching. An engagement ring, wedding band or Anniversary bands with one of these gold colors is ideal to gratify the most astute feminine taste. You can surprise your better half with such a wonderful gift on the special occasion for making her feel delighted and special.

With the help of experienced jewelry designers, you can get classy piece designed for your lady love. These are not so expensive unless you are demanding for any special design or single piece order. While choosing the design and size of the ring have a clear idea about exactly you need as repairing and modification in such colored gold is a bit difficult task.

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